Parodjects is an award winning animation and design studio created by the versatile husband and wife team, Joel Parod and Claire Armstrong Parod. With over 15 years experience in the animation industry, they have developed a wide range of skills in animated commercials, animated movie development and production, animated shorts, and animated music videos. Their artistry also spreads into the field of illustration for books, editorials, and advertising.

Currently, they have been supervising the coloring and rendering of the characters on the animated CVS commercial campaign. Joel is also working for Disney as a visual development artist painting the characters and designing/painting props on the “Tinkerbell” movies.

In 2005 Parodjects won a ‘Best Commercial’ Emmy for “Home Of Your Dreams”, and recently designed and directed the prestigious Microsoft global corporate branding campaign of 2006. Their talents have also aided in the production of the highly acclaimed, “The Iron Giant” (Warner Brothers Feature Animation), the multi-award winning 3D short, “Hubert’s Brain” (Wild Brain), and the 3D robot, AMEE, in Red Planet (Warner Brothers).

Innovative and diverse, this independent studio takes great pride in creating high quality animation and design.